The Sunny in Óbuda entered it's adulthood and had a full renewal in summer 2014. This alteration means not only a more alluring and compelling appearance, but also we put the soul of the restaurant and the kitchen into shape with taking the demand of these ages into account. Beside the classic Sunny favourites you can find the inevitable elements of the fashion kitchen on the menu, but obviously we didn’t forget the homely dish, what echoes the old fashioned Óbuda mood.

This little corner in Óbuda gives place to the most special restaurants since decades. In the ’70s this was the spot of the heyday of the Árpád Garden Restaurant. After a while the coolest pizzeria, the Giuseppe, opened here as a clearing in the evolving panel sites. In the end of the ’90s this yield place to the nostalgic Sunny Diner. The checked floor and the red leatherette sofa were replaced with a more moderated lounge interior in 2006, which created space for business lunches, intimate dinners, and numerous birthday parties.

In the next decade our aim is to see the Sunny as one of Óbuda’s little centre again, with a tempting menu, attractive prices and diversified live music productions.

We request the pleasure of your company,

Sunny Team